As you take our Clinical hypnosis and Quantum Hypnosis certification with the passage of time beginning in 2018 you will begin notice fundamental changes in your body expression and business management, reflecting confidence and the desire to live as the new person you want. You will be in the process of creating a new person, no matter what your abilities are, no matter what your talents are, you can create the exact person you want to become, if you want to be more successful, subconsciously you would create a more successful person, if you want to be calmer and more relaxed, subconsciously you would create a relaxed person. For this upcoming year you would write down all the characteristics that you want to develop such as confidence in yourself, a good self-image, financial success, an active body, good health, a loving attitude, thinness, joy, cordiality, etc.

The universe is an ordered place and you are part of the universe, therefore let out all the negative mental processes and let your inner wisdom guide you, let out all pain and begin to allow your interior to heal completely, you would become more aware of your inner strength and your freedom, by fully clearing your negative thoughts you would begin to focus on a more satisfying reality of living, you would be more capable of feeling your inner strength and your opportunities, change would occurs naturally in your life when you begin to work in harmony with the deepest of your being, you would be able to fully enjoy every moment of your experience, as you begin to appreciate your unique strength and its advantages; It will be easier for you to discover situations where success will come naturally.

Development will continue to happen because you allow yourself to develop your full capacity, you will fully enjoy your wealth of experience; As your inner resources become available to you, you would be able to naturally create what you want in your life; Easily, learning what you need at every step of the way, as peace grows, pleasure increases and your more satisfying reality continues to develop, you are able to clarify and identify those things that work well for you, you would have all the resources and equipment necessary to make sensible decisions in your life and discover greater confidence to find a deep understanding of yourself.

Our school is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. We are based in Miami, Florida, USA as well in Panama City, Panama. We have certified students from over 25 countries. We hold registration in the State of Florida, as well as the appropriate occupational license.

Do you have questions about our American Hypnosis School? Would you like more information about our programs? Give us a call today: 305-951-3861 and get your diplomas and certifications as certified consulting hypnotists and quantum hypnosis coach.

Our specializations are HypnoBusiness (3 full days) and HypnoCancer (3full days).

We want to be your trusted educational partner for in the world and science of hypnotism. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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