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By: John Tur

The American Hypnosis School is a hypnosis educational institute with an online learning environment that helps deeper your understanding how the universe works and your placement within it.

American Hypnosis School distance healing training enables you to explore the science behind how we are all subconsciously connected each other by biological and neurological processes, and how we are connected to the universe atomically.

Beginning at the surface of what we see, with our bodies, we seem very connected, we human beings are all the same species of mammal, we share the same appearance and structure, 99.9% of our bodies are the same, leaving 0.1% uniqueness in the form of codes for genes that express our differences, still 0.1% of several billion genes is still a lot of genetic material to play with.

The pigment of our skin, the only excuse some people use to separate themselves from others.

What we share is a body that is 97% approx. hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

We have more molecules in our body than there are stars in the universe. “Science is now confident,” reports the European Space Agency, “that most of the atoms in our bodies and, indeed, in everything around us. If you look online to learn how many atoms exist in the human body, the answer is: 7, followed by 27 zeroes.

Matter does not exist at the subatomic level, matter is actually just probabilities of interconnections and any particle at the subatomic level dissolves into a series of interconnections.

If you are walking on the beach you are connected to earth, people and everything else at the subatomic level, there is a continual exchange of matter and energy between your feet and the sand, between the sand and the air, and even between you and people on the beach, a real exchange of photons and electrons. Ultimately, whether we like it or not, we’re all part of one inseparable wave of relationships.

Our focus in this three-dimensional world of denser matter is based upon what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. We see separate bodies moving in separate directions, people thinking separate things and living apparently separate lives, but if you go deeper, as beings in these bodies of energy, we are actually doing nothing except interconnecting on the subatomic level, nothing more nothing less.

And this interconnection between us is what people call: instinct, sixth sense, coincidence, collective consciousness, it is a miracle of life.

Be grateful; acknowledge this miracle of life, wake up and train with American Hypnosis School for distance healing for this incredible journey of life in a world that can appear so depressing and lonely and yet, simultaneously blossom into an incredible magnificence and beauty in a blink of an eye.

Hypnosis distance healing is a way of manipulating the healing intention energy in another person at a subatomic level, implementing quantum vibrational words and semantics. By manipulating this energy at the subconscious level we can remotely find the emotional trauma that offended the body of the subject creating a physical or emotional adverse condition or disease. Once that emotional ordeal and suffering is dissolved the physical body normalizes itself.

The difference between the healing we use on each other throughout our daily lives, without giving it much thought and through hypnosis distance healing is that,   we are totally focused on what we are doing at a distance and so is the energy manipulation we put into this quantum work.

During hypnosis distance healing it doesn’t matter whether the person is sitting next to you or is on another city or continent, because metaphysically we are all connected including the person you desire to heal.

While some would say that during hypnosis distance healing we are sending the energy to another subconsciously where there is no time and space, it could be said that we are not really sending energy, but that we are waking up awareness trough energy manipulation to investigate and resolve.

This hypnosis distance healing is the perfect practice for parents that want to help their children heal past traumas. Children don’t have yet the mind to comprehend these complicate systems and procedures at the conscious level. Hypnosis distance healing is also used for senior people that can’t travel for physical or medical reasons.

John Tur as a certified clinical and quantum hypnosis instructor has helped and trained professionals from 25 different countries, he practices clinical hypnosis and hypnosis distance healing in his institute in Miami, Florida, he also travels national and international worldwide for private sessions, group training and speaking engagements.

See schedule for his ground breaking course hypnosis distance healing at:  www.AmericanHypnosisSchool.com
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Miami, Florida. USA